Saint Columban Free Catholic Church
Saint Columban Free Catholic Church

Welcome to Saint Columban Free Catholic Church!

St. Columban Free Catholic Church in Hell - Pinckney, MIchigan is an Independent Sacramental Catholic church for bikers, unchurched, and other interested worshippers.  The church depicted above is only representative of a possible future.  The church, Old Runnymede Episcopal Church, is in Runnymede, Harper County, Kansas.  On November 28, 1889, the cornerstone was laid for the church. It was a small wood-frame structure with minimal Gothic Revival detailing. It was erected in a little more than a month and dedicated in May 1890.


St. Columban Free Catholic Church is currently hosted in Pinckney Community Congregational Church, United Church of Christ.  Mass is offered every third Sunday at 4:30 pm, and sometimes more often.

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